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Face Mapping Software

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Complete Underground Face Mapping Tool

Efficient face mapping directly onto a tablet.

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Flexible & Well-Designed Workflow

Digital mapping at the face with or without captured images.

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Greater Connectivity

From map to model, Studio-based to enable easy transfer of data between various packages.

Studio Mapper

Face Mapping

Datamine Studio Mapper, together with Studio RM, is the only integrated mine mapping and structural modelling solution delivered on the same platform, with a consistent user experience. Designed for both touch and desktop devices, Studio Mapper stores field data in a managed but flexible database that encourages controlled data capture, storage, sharing and processing. As the definitive digital field book, Studio Mapper builds on the strengths of Datamine's core Studio engine whilst delivering a versatile, feature-rich application for all field geologists.

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Key Benefits

Designed for Use at the Face

Studio Mapper has a flexible, straightforward and efficient process for capturing geological features at the mining face. It works beautifully on a tablet, with its smart proximate snapping and auto definition modes, making the capture of features especially simple using a stylus.

Studio Mapper is also easy to configure, which means that lithology types and rock characteristics are accurately recorded to suit your own operation. As well as recording geological features, sketches and comments related to each mapped face can be recorded and stored in Studio Mapper’s multi-user database.

A Flexible & Well-Designed Workflow

Studio Mapper’s workflow has been carefully designed to be flexible enough to cater for variations within and across operations. If time or access to the face is limited you can use Studio Mapper at the face, with or without images, as you would a notebook and pencil. Maps can then be georeferenced later in the shift or back at the office.

Alternatively, because Studio Mapper is built on Datamine’s rich Studio platform, you can choose to locate your map at the face and carry out your interpretation with reference to proximate data such as previous maps, drillholes and even current orebody and grade models.

If maintaining hard copies of maps is important to you, you can create standardised PDF reports of maps at any time using your own templates.

Great Connectivity for Updating Models

When required, to update your orebody models, you can choose to export your mapping data to modelling systems such as Studio RM. In Studio RM, you or a colleague can simply load in the exported mapped data, filter it as required, and use the modelling and grade estimation tools to update your models and predicted production targets.

The original map details are automatically transferred meaning geologists can always distinguish between mapped data and drillhole intersections. Studio RM’s automatic vein modelling functions, which take account of variations in accuracy of data, can be used to update your orebody wireframes.

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