Studio RM Pro

Geostatistical Analysis and Mineral Resource Analysis

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Flexible Modelling

Easy to use modelling tools for developing a robust geological model for any of deposit.

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Dynamic Charting

Market leading tools for geostatistical analyses with dynamic variogram modelling, EDA and model validation.

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Save Time

Faster grade estimation on multi-core PCs using parallelised algorithms.

Studio RM Pro

Mineral Resource Estimation with Geological & Geostatistical Modelling

Studio RM Pro is a single software solution that comprises two market leading geological modelling and geostatistical software products, enabling a resource geologist to carry out complex resource estimation work. With geological and resource modelling from Studio RM, including faster estimation and advanced techniques from advanced estimation, and intuitive geostatistical techniques from Supervisor, all of your geological, resource and geostatistical requirements are covered with one solution.

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Data Import and Analysis

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Flexible Geological Modelling

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Detailed Block modelling

Improved Workflows

Dynamic Variogram Creation

Automation with Macros and Scripts

Multithreaded Grade Estimation

Advanced Model Validation

Multivariate Conditional Simulation

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screenshot of the title page of the Studio RM overview video - a geological resource modelling software solution
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Studio RM

With a proven track record of over 30 years, Studio RM is Datamine’s industry-leading product for mineral resource and reserve modelling and evaluation. Use Studio RM to produce resource and reserve models that accurately represent geological structure, mineralisation and grade, whilst handling complex data sets such as drillhole samples, channel samples, georeferenced images, face maps, and laser and image processed 3D models.

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Built by Geologists for Geologists, Supervisor helps solve practical geological issues in the shortest possible time. Billions of dollars are invested in projects based on resource estimates. Biased data or invalid domains generate unreliable results with dramatic downstream economic implications. Supervisor provides everything you need to optimise your resource estimate.