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We are excited to announce that our open pit surveying solution, Studio Survey is now officially released! As we continue to expand our open pit product portfolio, our Survey Product Manager Ben Vagg and the development team have worked tirelessly to build the software on top of Datamine’s widely successful Studio Core. 

Doing so brings great advantages to Studio Survey as it leverages existing technology that is both used and trusted in many mine sites around the world. Working alongside many test sites, we took all user feedback very seriously and aimed to make the solution well-rounded enough to not only meet industry standards but unique enough to cover acute problems on-site that Surveyors realistically face every day, all in the one dedicated package. Studio Survey now sits within our open pit solution suite and integrates with many of our other products such as Studio OP to give the most seamless and undisturbed user experience.

What was the development process like?

In order to maximise the functionalities and efficiencies of Studio Survey, we first had to look at our current solutions and see which existing functions Surveyors used on a daily basis. Once we distinguished which functions were absolutely essential and readily transferable, our developers worked hard to form the foundation of the software, making sure it was as robust as possible. From here, we worked on filling in the gaps by performing comprehensive research to define additional functionality that would not only solve our users’ pain points but is also not available on the market today. The whole process had its ups and downs but we truly believe that through our strict quality assurance processes and working closely with test sites, that Studio Survey is truly in a league of its own.

What are the main benefits and features of Studio Survey?

What are Ben’s personal thoughts on Studio Survey?

“I really believe Studio Survey is the complete package for all open pit surveyors as it has the ability to go from start to finish of processing your survey data on one ribbon without having to search through a massive tool box of icons to find the ones you need. It’s refreshing to see a dedicated, standalone package that has been specifically customised for open pit surveyors and not just some add-on or another menu in a much larger package.”

What are the next steps in 6-12 months like?

Ben will be working very closely with our developers and clients to continuously refine Studio Survey and build a pipeline of upcoming features and enhancements to improve its ease of use and speed of processing survey data. We do not believe in the stagnancy of technology, and are always finding new and improved ways to make our users’ lives easier! This is only version 1.1, and with each iteration, we rely on our clients to bounce back ideas with us and tell us what their pain points are and what would make Studio Survey their on-site best friend. Connect with Ben Vagg on LinkedIn and get that conversation started – help make a product that could help you!

Find out more about Studio Survey below.

Studio Survey Webpage

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