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In line with Datamine’s philosophy of continuous improvement, the new release of Studio UG brings several advanced new features designed and built based on user feedback.

The new release contains significant improvements to dependency editing, animation and visualisation. We also focused on software performance speeding up several processes including validation.

Key new features of Studio UG include:

  • Sub-level caving: A new dedicated and intuitive user interface has been added to help users define dumping of SLC rings (Figure 1).
  • Dependencies:  We understand that the complexity of the UG environment required extra assistance for setting and managing the relationship between activities. For that reason, we added a more sophisticated animation dialogue that allows our users to easily edit and create task dependencies as well as schedule and animate them in a few intuitive steps (Figure 2)
  • Attributes: Automatic attributes can be set using filters, 3D wireframes or 2-D grids.
  • Reports: We added to the dashboard a brand-new Reserves Tonne-Grade curve. This new chart is a valuable tool to assist users during the planning and the decision-making processes.

We are proud of the strong partnership with our users that facilitates improving the performance and efficiency of Studio UG in every update. That alliance assures that Studio UG continues to be the most efficient and user-friendly tool for underground planning and scheduling.

Figure 1 – Sub-Level Caving
Figure 2 – Dependencies

If you are unfamiliar with Studio UG, watch some of our short videos covering several of UG’s great functions below:

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