Fragmentation Analysis.


Versatile Fragmentation Analysis

A versatile fragmentation analysis software – WipFrag can be used right at your fingertips on your desktop, smartphone or tablet. It has the tools you need to collect historical data, establish a statistical baseline and track subtle changes throughout the optimisation process so you can make decisions based on fact instead of theory. Simply take a photograph from your device to collect fragmentation data which then allows you to make immediate and accurate decisions from a safe distance. Use WipFrag’s GIS feature to identify the materials, where it came from and when it was blasted, all archived in the system or the cloud in accessible Excel, PDF or Email formats. With WipFrag 64-bit, you can now use much larger images including high resolution drone and orthomosaic images, giving you more flexibility in which images you can use. Fragmentation analysis has never been easier, more precise and affordable to use.

Use WipFrag in 3 Easy Steps


Open Photograph & Set Scale


Generate net & adjust edge parameters as necessary


Finally, Output the results!


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