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Datamine is a world leading provider of the technology and the services required to seamlessly plan and manage mining operations.

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Why choose Datamine Fleet Management Solutions?

Increased Productivity

With Datamine’s fleet logistics system, streamline your equipment's productive hours and enhance operational efficiency. Integrated with Collector for reliable telemetry data collection, our solution automates work order allocation and real-time service monitoring, providing granular control over every aspect of your fleet.

Improved Efficiency

Leverage comprehensive insights into your operations to identify optimization opportunities and streamline your resource allocation. Track equipment location, monitor fuel consumption, and schedule maintenance with ease, resulting in heightened equipment efficiency and minimized downtime.

Cost Savings

Take control of your expenses with Datamine’s cost tracking and management features. Identify cost drivers, monitor fuel consumption and maintenance expenses, and implement cost-saving measures to maximize your budget allocation.

Enhanced Safety

Prioritize safety with Datamine’s accident control and prevention capabilities. Monitor operator behavior, identify risky driving patterns, and take proactive measures to ensure the well-being of your personnel, ultimately reducing accidents and enhancing safety standards.

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Real-time monitoring

Sustainability Goals

Datamine’s Fleet management software allows mine operators to optimize routes, reduce idle time, and optimizes maintenance, leading to lower fuel consumption and emissions. It also helps allocate resources efficiently, provides data for informed decisions, ensures compliance, and enables remote monitoring, contributing to sustainability targets.

Unlock the full capability of your fleet operations with Datamine’s industry-leading solutions. Experience the power of real-time data insights to drive informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

Trusted by over 600 clients globally, our technology drives remarkable gains in productivity, cost efficiency, and to help combat fuel wastage.

At Datamine, we provide the tools for mining operations to elevate their processes and decision-making through our proven Fleet Management solutions.

Fleet Management

Our flagship products, revolutionise fleet management for mining operations. Seamlessly integrating into your workflow.

Automation Solutions

Datamine offers unmatched automation solutions tailored to the unique demands of the mining industry. By forging strong partnerships with our clients, we ensure precise alignment with your objectives and deliver tangible results.

Our process

Tailored Solution

We will develop a meaningful demonstration of a contextually similar project example in the software and present this to you along with our commercial proposal and relevant supporting materials.

Local Support

Our support experts will be available to help whenever you need it after you are up and running.

Discovery meeting

Set a discovery meeting with us to map out the situation and determine the key variables and your desired outcome.

Seamless Implementation

If you purchase the software, we will design a complete implementation plan for your specific situation.

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To explore how our solutions can revolutionize your operations speak with one of our consultants. They will be delighted to discuss your specific requirements and guide you towards the most suitable solution for your needs.

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