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Billions of dollars are invested into projects based on Resource Estimates. What happens when biased data and unreliable results are used? Dramatic downstream economic implications.



Produce resource and reserve models that accurately represent geology, structure, mineralisation and grade.


Update models and reports using consistent rules and methodologies as new data becomes available.


Integration between Studio RM with Advanced Estimation, Isatis.neo and Supervisor means you get the best of all worlds.


Advanced 3D visualisation immerses you in your geological data, providing a full context and understanding.

Experience the power of
Studio RM Pro

Combining the power of Studio RM, Supervisor and Isatis.neo, Studio RM Pro has been designed to cover all of your geological, resource and geostatistical requirements with one solution.

Why Studio RM Pro?

Steamline your workflow

Studio RM Pro is a comprehensive bundle encompassing three powerful products - StudioRM, Isatis.neo, and Supervisor. This bundle revolutionizes the mineral resource estimation process, delivering unparalleled efficiency and insight.

Embrace the best of breed

Embracing the "best of breed" concept, each product within this bundle guarantees optimal performance and functionality at every crucial step of the mineral resource estimation journey.

Extract maximum value

This bundle acts as a catalyst for connectivity, forging strong links between our dedicated R&D teams, technical consultants and final users. Everyone is united by a common goal: extracting the maximum value from their data.

Realise your true potential

In essence, this bundle is the transformation of complexity into a clear understanding, empowering you to make informed decisions and realise the true potential of your mineral resource.

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Studio RM Pro advantages

Studio RM Pro: The High Stakes of Resource Estimation in Mining: Understanding the Cost of Being Wrong.

Accuracy and reliability are paramount in mineral resource validation to ensure the model accurately and faithfully represents the data. The correct considerations for mineral resource classification to create robustness in the resource-to-reserves transition support the company in delivering on their production plans, considering the final results are optimized. Reconciliation to measure and understand the precision

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Isatis.neo blends breakthrough technology with accessible geostatistics. Estimate and simulate grades for production expectations. Conduct uncertainty analyses for optimal decision-making. Use advanced geostatistics tools for accurate results for stakeholders and investors.

Studio RM is Datamine’s industry-leading product for mineral resource and reserve modelling and evaluation. Studio RM produces resource and reserve models that accurately represent geological structure, mineralisation and grade, whilst handling complex data sets.

Supervisor was designed to solve the problems faced by our geologists during resource estimation significantly boosting productivity and efficiency. Supervisor’s easy to use and intuitive interface provides all you need to optimise your Resource Estimates, improve your confidence and save time.

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