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Comprehensive ESG Software Solutions For Mining

While mining plays an essential role in building our sustainable future, it’s not without its challenges. With increasing demand and the requirement for transparency across all operations of our business, the reliability and accuracy of data is essential in developing strong governance to support ESG initiatives. At Datamine, we take an Enterprise approach to this challenge – whether it’s the supply of specialised industrial software or integration with our customers wider technology ecosystem, our customers take comfort knowing Datamine solutions are at the core of achieving ESG targets and regulatory compliance.

Collaborative Platform

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Collaborative platform

Realise the benefits of ESG in a sustainable way for your organisation. ZYGHT is a software as a service for safety, occupational health and environmental risk management, helping to improve regulatory compliance through best practices and standard processes, customizable for each company using cutting-edge technology provided from the cloud, mobile applications and data analysis with the ability to integrate with other software.

Strategic management

Create personalised programs, monitor the progress and and move forward.

Operational control management

Preventive tools that can be parameterized for identification of business patterns and monitoring closure of action plans.

BI reporting

Real-time data visualization to measure ESG performance. With our Premium plan you can also download the data displayed in the performance measurement and control analytics dashboards.

Incident management

Reports, notifies, investigates with recognized methodologies, finds root causes, generates and monitors action plans.

Risk management

Evaluates risks, determines preventive and mitigating controls, assigns responsible for execution and monitors compliance.

Change management

Identifies changes in an engineering project or process operation, assesses its risks and establishes control measures.

Action plans

Generate action plans composed of a set of activities

Work safety permits

Identifies the critical risks of operational tasks and creates checklists for field controls.

Document library

Multi-format Documentary Library to share information relevant to the organization.

Asset management

Create asset categories, associate checklists, plan inspections, perform them by scanning a QR code from the mobile App and monitor compliance and availability.

Environment commitments management

Manage commitments of environmental impact or environmental studies.

Waste management

Identify the types of waste that must be managed complying with business regulations.

Operational excellence management

Manage the reduction of “technical waste” within a site and help to meet standards.

Medical surveillance

Identifies groups of workers exposed to similar health risks. Monitoring and taking the medical support of the follow-up, being able to establish goals for the reduction of patients and measure personnel compliance.

Audit management

It allows you to create checklists with configurable weights, create audit programs, monitor the closure of findings and compliance with actions.

Legal requirements management

You can Register the commitments required by law, Schedule their fulfillment and Follow up.

Contract management and accreditation

Efficiently manage the certifications and control of mandatory documents.

Premium BI reporting

Real-time data visualization to measure ESG performance. With our Premium plan you can also download the data displayed in the performance measurement and control analytics dashboards.

Management and control of training and competencies

Know the level of training and accredited skills of the workers of your organization.

Sustainability Software Platform

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Sustainability software platform

iSystain is our flexible suite of cloud-based software modules for managing safety, health, environment, carbon, corporate social responsibility and more.

With iSystain almost every aspect of running a business responsibly can be measured. Find your baseline performance, than set targets to continuously improve. We’ve worked hard to make our platform both easy to use and flexible enough to deal with the ever changing mandatory and voluntary legislative requirements and international standards.

Compliance & governance

We’ve designed a flexible solution to drive your organisation beyond traditional silo based management systems. Integration between our governance register, risk, compliance, audit and action modules means they’re working together to provide an overarching governance framework that supports compliance.

Health, safety & environment

At the heart of every organisation is the need to protect their people, the environment and the broader community. Our health, safety and environment solution combines risk, events, health, compliance, competency, change, supplier and corrective action management processes with workflow, reporting and analytics tools.

Social investment reporting

We’ve combined our B4SI aligned social /community investment data capture and reporting module with stakeholder management and sustainability reporting integration. The result is a solution that transports social investment strategies to implemented initiatives that deliver shared value for businesses and society.

Sustainability & impact reporting

Our sustainability solution modules integrate to help you manage the entire process. From capturing materiality and stakeholder engagement inputs, centralising all sustainability data management and reporting activities, incorporating your suppliers and celebrating the positive impacts from social investment strategies.

Medical Record Management

Datamine ESG Software - Qmed Solution
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Medical record management

Developed in collaboration with the best in class medical practitioners, QMed delivers efficiency gains and improved security through direct integration with medical equipment such as x-ray machines, spiro and audio recording equipment and more, and boasts biometric logon for patient verification.

Clinic capacity management

Improve organisational effectiveness by increasing operational efficiency and reducing patient congestion. Manage patient demographics, waiting list, workflow and more.

Occupational health

Increase productivity by proactively managing and improving health and welness in the workplace. This also promotes a positive social climate for workers and a smooth operation.

Primary healthcare

Simplify your Primary Health administration tasks with all e-scripting diagnosis and notes functions online and included in "patient-one-view".

Health incident management

Record personnel information, procedures and communications that work together to react, understand and respond for effective health incident management in an emergency.

Disease management

Collect and monitor communicable disease management data and provide patient outcomes, treatment plans and health guideline reports for informed decision-making.

Chronic wellness management

Manage and monitor patient chronic wellness and compliance. Optimise the process with online patient reports and view with configured protocols for effective disease management and welness.

Occupational hygiene

Perform risk-based medicals with full integration to medical surveillance and achieve a healthy workplace by managing survey plans and allocate hygiene results to exposure groups.

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Para conocer más acerca de lo que nuestro equipo puede hacer por usted, póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy mismo.

Para conocer más acerca de lo que nuestro equipo puede hacer por usted, póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy mismo.