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For the entire mining value chain


Move to digitalization

We’re at a critical time with a shift to digitalization, with a fundamental change in business processes required. Customers are collecting and dealing with ever increasing quantities of data.  They are looking for ways to leverage it, to make data driven decisions that enhance risk management and stabilize profitability. Many of these informed decisions are supported by Datamine’s software solutions and our advisory teams.

Integrated and simplified solutions

All operations have extensive investments in software. Our solutions have the capability to communicate between products and systems, giving quick data transfer, maintaining data integrity and development of detailed dashboards to track critical information. This allows our customers to recognize efficiency gains in operational performance, planning and supply chain management and support continual improvement across every aspect of the mining value chain.

Realise sustainable outcomes

Our goal is to maximize safety and productivity, all while optimising your sustainability goals. By utilizing advanced diagnostics and analytics, Datamine can provide clear visibility of the whole of operation performance and support critical decisions with the right data at the right time. As the operating environment becomes more complex and volatile, with increased governance and stakeholder activity, Datamine’s solutions can support and assist in realising targets, and tracking the mining industry’s decarbonisation efforts.

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Many of our solutions are tailored and configured based on the specific needs of each site or operation. One size does not fit all, so it is critical to work with our consultants to determine the best way to support your unique business or operational needs. Finding the right solution for you is the first step, but truly making the solution work seamlessly for you is what sets us apart.


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I’m José Mamani Vilca,
a modeling and resource estimation geologist

We talk to José Mamani Vilca, a Modeling and Resource Estimation Geologist at the MINSUR’s Pucamarca Mining Unit in Peru, a long time Datamine user, about how our solutions helped his resource estimation work

Well, within the company, specifically in the Pucamarca Mining Unit, we have the Fusion database, Studio RM and also, in other units, we have different Datamine modules. It has helped us a lot because we can have a lot of control on entering samples with a respective validation, so this also allows us to trust all the data that comes out from our database, which will later be used in modeling estimation, contributing to the economic value in a mining company.

Using Datamine software has definitely led us to great achievements. We have been able to develop various models within the division regarding the Pucamarca Mining Unit. It has helped us in the resource estimation work since the geostatistical tools that Datamine has are very good. Likewise, it has also helped us in the conciliation work where one measures the models, for example, long-term versus short-term. Also, the use of macros, in Datamine language, has helped is a lot in optimizing time. Tasks that we previously did in two or three hours, now takes thirty or maximum fourty minutes.

Regarding the support provided by Datamine, the consultants led by Guiselle, have always been there, with time availability, they have always been helping us, recommending new alternatives, new ideas to be able to achieve a certain job. So, the support we have in Datamine is really good at the level of all modules, from modeling, database, QAQC and planning. So, we have never had a problem with it, they have always helped us and are also always looking for the opportunities of improvement that we find along the way.

I would recommend Datamine’s solutions to geology and mining professionals, since the tools they provide us are the right ones for the entire mining process, from the database, modeling, QAQC, creating bits, phasing a certain deposit, then we have this whole range of tools that will finally translate into giving a Good economic value to any deposit, to any prospect in which we are working on.


I’m Luciano, a mining engineer with over 20 years of experience in the area, and Datamine was a partner in this journey.

Currently, we have at Mosaic Fertilizantes over 50 Datamine licenses of Studio OP, Studio RM and NPVS, applied to both long and short-term planning. In addition, we use the GDMS Geological Database since 2006 and it was acquired for Araxá and expanded to all Mosaic Fertilizantes sites in 2013. Today it is our largest repositor of mineral research information.

We also have developed several projects with Datamine, besides the trainings I remember, the project to develop a portal to organize the entire script base used at Mosaic which was very interesting for time optimization in mining planning, the automation of the stock scheduling, decrease and loss script, Auto Scheduler and EPS project that was started in 2019 and the standardizations of activities of the entire short, medium and long term.

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