360 Degree Resource Suite

Software solutions for every stage of mining

Collect and Store


Fusion is a comprehensive geological data management system designed to combine all exploration and production data into one common database for reporting and analysis



The Discover suite can import and export a wide range of different data types from other mining and exploration software products

Studio EM

Studio EM also has a full set of plotting functionality for producing section plots, plan plots, strip logs and reports as well as comprehensive 3D viewing and the option to publish 3D pdf files


Studio RM

Delivering resource and reserve models to modern listing standards is not a trivial exercise. Studio RM is packed with the required features to handle any deposit type and modelling scenario


Strat3D has a work-flow based user interface for creating optimized 3D models for the visualization, classification and evaluation of coal, bauxite and other stratified deposits


Sirovision utilizes off-the-shelf digital SLR cameras to capture stereo photographs of the rock face and uses the latest image processing technology to generate accurate 3D models

Open Pit


Datmine’s NPV Scheduler provides a complete strategic open pit mine planning system with functionality spanning everything from pit optimization, pushback generation, cut-off grade optimization, scheduling, haulage optimization and stockpile management

Studio OP

STUDIO OP is a complete design and scheduling package for the medium to short term planning of open pit mines


DataBlast is a multi-user system covering the entire drill and blast process from design to in-field operations. Electronically transfer data, respond to changes in real time, and generate reconciliation reports. Identify trends and improve blasting performance over time

Ore Controller

Ore Controller is the intelligent ore control system that fits seamlessly into your mine’s existing operations and processes


Studio UG

Studio UG is the brand new technology leading the way for integrated design and scheduling in underground mines.


Datamine’s Enhanced Production Scheduler (EPS) is a powerful mining package which allows users to carry out the activities associated with scheduling and monitoring critical resources


Aegis is the next generation in underground blasting software, providing interactive automated underground drill and blast design


Ventsim Visual is a mine ventilation modelling and simulation application featuring a full 3D visual interface with real-time animation of airflow & ventilation controls

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