Exploration & Resource Geology

Exploration GIS

The MapInfo Discover exploration solution is a seamless suite of tools to compile, visualise, analyse and map 2D & 3D spatial geoscience data

Geological Data

Fusion is the leading integrated system for data collection, QA/QC, secure storage and reporting

Resource Modelling

The Datamine Studio Series covers resource and reserve modelling needs from basic to complex for all deposit styles and commodities

Mapping & Analysis

Sirovision utilises digital SLR cameras or drone data to map structure and generate accurate 3D models for geotechnical analysis

Open Pit Planning

Strategic Optimisation

NPV Scheduler is a complete strategic open pit planning software with a powerful array of tools that allows users to efficiently optimise open pit operations

Design & Schedule

Studio OP provides automated pit design tools for rapid scenario analysis and tools for medium to short term planning

Drill & Blast

DataBlast allows you to design drill patterns, charge and initiation plans, integrated with field data in real time

Ore Control

Ore Controller is an intelligent ore control system divides grade control tasks into clearly-defined activities and guides each user through their day-to-day work

Underground Planning

Mine Design

Studio UG is a comprehensive solution for mine design, scheduling and optimisation that allows the rapid, automatic generation of mining activities from design elements


Datamine’s Enhanced Production Scheduler (EPS) is a powerful mining package which allows users to carry out the activities associated with scheduling and monitoring critical resources

Drill & Blast

Aegis is the next generation in underground blasting software, providing interactive automated underground drill and blast design that allows users to compare different scenarios

Ventilation Modelling

Ventsim Visual is a mine ventilation modelling and simulation application featuring a full 3D visual interface with real-time animation of airflow & ventilation controls

Operations Solutions

Short Interval Control

Take your shift planning and monitoring digital with Datamine OPS

Open Pit Blasting

Integrate drill and blast design with field data in real time with DataBlast

Underground Blasting

Rapidly design and compare blasting scenarios with Aegis

Underground Survey

Streamline daily survey tasks and end-of-month processes with Amine

Ore Control

Minimise ore loss and dilution in open pit operations with Ore Controller

Utilities Simulation

Plan and optimise water and compressed air distribution systems with Pumpsim


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