A Letter from the CEO – 40th Anniversary Edition

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Datamine’s 40th Anniversary

As we round out the first quarter of 2021, there is a tangible sense of optimism in the industry as pathways to recovery beyond COVID-19 become clearer.  With the IMF forecasting 5.5% global growth in 2021, we see confidence and stability improving in many regions, although the impacts of the pandemic will be felt for years to come. The exploration market is red-hot, with high metal prices underpinning new investment and high levels of drilling activity around the world. 

Datamine has experienced many world events and mining industry cycles since its establishment in 1981. Our founder, Dr Peter Stokes (now retired), has provided us with some fantastic anecdotes from the early years of the company, and we will share these in our quarterly newsletters this year as a part of our 40th birthday celebrations.

Building on a proven commitment to innovation in the mining industry, Datamine remains focused on continuous improvement of our services and technology to help our customers achieve greater productivity from their mining assets. Our global support teams reduced the average response time for support requests by 9% from Q4 2020 to Q1 2021. There were 12 new software releases across a broad range of our product portfolio including Fusion, CCLAS, Discover, Studio Mapper, Supervisor, Studio RM, Studio Survey, Studio UG, Studio OP, EPS, MineMarket and Reconcilor. We encourage you to upgrade to the latest versions to benefit from new functionality, improved workflows and faster performance.

In Q1 we welcomed Centric and GeoMineSoft to the Datamine Group. Integration work to seamlessly connect these solutions to the Datamine suite is already underway. Several common customers already had Centric connected to Datamine’s SIMS and Fusion products, and within a few short weeks our R&D teams successfully delivered working prototypes of out-of-the-box connectivity with CCLAS and MineMarket.

We are excited about the opportunity to deliver a broader range of integrated solutions to our global customer base. It is particularly satisfying to have the founders and CEO’s, Chris Novak from Centric, and Erzhan Urbissinov and Ablaykhan Shapenov from GeoMineSoft, remain with the group for this next phase in their growth journey.

Please feel free to reach out to your local Datamine representative to learn more about the mining intelligence, production reporting and data collection capabilities of Centric and GeoMineSoft MineVision. Or visit their websites at https://centricminingsystems.com/ and http://www.gm-soft.com/.

I hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter and continue to stay safe and healthy wherever you are in our valued customer network of over 6000 sites in 100 countries.

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