Augment Technologies Addendum

Addendum for Augment Technologies

In addition to the Datamine (General) – End User License Agreement:

The parties acknowledge that the Ore Movement Policy (OMP) software being supplied by Datamine is owned by Augment Technologies and licensed by Augment Technologies to Datamine for supply to Datamine customers. For the purpose of the EULA, the OMP software is deemed to be included in the definition of Software and is licensed to you by Datamine on the terms of the EULA. Augment Technologies owns the intellectual property rights in the OMP software and any improvements and is entitled to the benefit of clause 5 of the EULA. Augment Technologies is entitled to the benefit of the disclaimer and limitation provisions set out in clauses 6 and 8 of the EULA.


Datamine and Augment Technologies may use the data provided by you in connection with your use of the OMP software for the purpose of making improvements to the OMP software and its use. Such improvements may be provided to other customers of Datamine or Augment Technologies, ensuring no disclosure of the original data to these customers or any third party.

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