Consulting Team Member: Jacinta Neilson

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Meet Jacinta – one of our Geology Consultants in the Perth office at Datamine, and one of our newer team members, having been at the company since July 2020. Helping our customers with best practice on Datamine solutions, she’s also been an essential part of our software development process.

Get to know Jacinta in the interview here:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a geologist, who was born in Perth and have lived here all my life. I went to Curtin University and studied Geology and Environmental Biology. Since then, I have worked in Western Australian gold mines as an underground and open pit geologist. I joined the Datamine consulting team in Perth in July 2020 and I am loving it! I have been helping with Datamine’s mine geology solutions with training, support and consulting. For products such as Studio RM, Studio Mapper, Sirovision, Pixpro and Discover MapInfo.

Can you explain some of the challenges you consult to your clients on and how you help them improve?

The main challenge I see from clients are the time pressures associated with mining. Weekly plans and schedules are constantly changing, and mine geologist need to be able to quickly adapt to changing situations. I get the opportunity to head out to different sites, meet clients and learn how they are currently using each software. This then allows me to provide training for the most time efficient and best workflows for each site’s requirements.

What inspired your career in this industry?

I have always loved being outdoors, camping and travelling so it seemed like an easy fit going into a career in geology. During my time working on sites, I found my strengths were in the software side of each role which led me to working for Datamine.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your role / the work you do?

The most satisfying part of my role is getting to help people find easier and better ways of using our software’s.  Also being involved with the development of the software’s is very exciting!

What are your best memories from your career?

My favourite part of working in mining has been the awesome people I have met along the way. Everyone is always so welcoming when you head up to site.

What’s a fun fact about you?

Just bought a caravan and I’m looking forward to heading out on some more road trips!

Interested in working with Jacinta? Contact her directly via LinkedIn or send us an enquiry.

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