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With a greater understanding of the operational context, Datamine has been careful in selecting credible partners over the years to ensure the perfect fit with the Datamine distribution network. See more information on Datamine’s Partnerships below.

Partnerships with specialist partners allows us to bridge the gap in expertise and knowledge giving clients access to a wider range of mine technical solutions and skills. By leveraging off company strengths through first-class technology and experience, together we are committed to serving clients with world-leading digital solutions to boost productivity, improve outputs and provide a seamlessly integrated experience. 

This is why we are excited to announce our 3 most recent partnerships: Emesent, Enterchain and LAB3 which focus on improving your operational experience in geotechnical mapping, supply chain management and asset management respectively.


The Emesent and Datamine Partnership has ensured the seamless import of Hovermap scans into Sirovision, where users can then identify and map geotechnical structures in the scans. The complete range of geotechnical analysis tools, from wedge detection to slope stability, allows valuable insights to be extracted. Emesent’s Hovermap allows data to be captured from previously inaccessible areas. This provides mining companies access to valuable insights about geotechnical features that weren’t previously possible.


The EnterChain company, as part of OMEGALLIANCE, specializes in the development of supply chain management systems to grant companies unique and sustainable competitive advantages. As part of the partnership, EnterChain will implement, localize and support the Russian market with modern methods and systems to better manage logistic flow in the mining industry based on the best global practices and industry insights from Datamine experts.


LAB3 empowers organisations to drive greater business value with controlled and scalable technology creating innovative and integrated solutions. Within the mining industry LAB3 offers a solution. SensorMine by LAB3 is the gateway to a goldmine of real-time data, providing an easy-to-implement, low-cost, end-to-end predictive maintenance solution to monitor equipment and access insights 24/7 – helping to make precise, data-backed decisions to keep mine sites running productively.

For more information on Datamine Partnerships, please email

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