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Jun 04 2024 - Jul 19 2024


9 AM - Paris | 4 PM Perth
9:00 am

Webinar Series Studio RM Pro – Delve into the Best-of-Breed for Resource Estimation

Studio RM Pro is the only solution you need to understand the actual value of your mineral resource. It has been designed to cover all of your geological, resource, and geostatistical requirements with one solution. The following webinar series will walk through the workflow of using Studio RM Pro.


  • Week 1- Data preparation and Geological modeling using Studio RM Pro – Thi N’Guyen – June 4th

Join us for Week 1 in our Studio RM Pro Webinar Series, where we bring in drill-hole data using the new drill-hole importer, use implicit modeling to generate ore zone and geological wireframes, then code and composite drillhole data to prepare for resource estimation.

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  • Week 2  –Exploratory Data Analysis and Variography using Studio RM Pro – Thi N’Guyen – June 11th 

Join us for Week 2 in our Studio RM Pro Webinar Series, where we harness the power of Supervisor to complete Exploratory Data Analysis steps, including univariate and multivariate analysis and top-cut analysis, then seamlessly transition into spatial analysis to generate Variogram models in preparation for resource estimation.

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  • Week 3 Studio RM – Block Modelling and Grade Estimation using Studio RM Pro – Thi N’Guyen – June 18th

Join us for Week 3 in our Studio RM Pro Webinar Series, where we investigate the powerful block modelling tools available to fill our complex geological models with cells, then complete grade estimation showcasing the dynamic anisotropy, soft domain boundary, and local grade capping options in Advanced Estimation.

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  • Week 4 – Model validation in Studio RM Pro – Thi N’Guyen – June 25th

Join us for week 4 in our Studio RM Pro Webinar Series, where we show how to work and customize your sections for an accurate visual check  and how to use the model validation in Supervisor to generate trend plots, Q-Q, and probabilities plots quickly, statistical comparison tables and grade tonnage curves to validate the final model to ensure that the estimated grades reflect the input information.

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  •  Week 5 – Grade Simulation using Studio RM Pro – Roberto / Pedram – July 2nd

Join us for week 5 in our Studio RM Pro Webinar Series to learn how to run conditional simulations in Isatis.neo and assess the uncertainty in mine planning for a better reconciliation.

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  •  Week 6 The promise of a Continued Interoperability. – Anthony Cook, Roberto Rolo & Pedram Masoudi – July 9th

Join us for a casual talk to conclude the 5-part series and highlight the key tools of the three products included in the bundle (Studio RM, Supervisor and Isatis.neo). Learn from a cross-disciplinary panel, who will share their experience using the wide range of tools within the Studio RM Pro suite. Focus will be made on:

Studio RM – Data Exploration

Dive into the world of Studio RM. Discover how this revolutionary software allows you to easily transform raw data sets into actionable geological models. From creating drillholes to establishing accurate geological models, explore the essential features of Studio RM.

Supervisor – Intuitive Data Management

Learn how to explore your data with unprecedented ease. Create variograms to analyze the spatial distribution of your data and optimize your resource estimation processes in a matter of minutes.

Isatis.Neo – Advanced Simulation

Explore Isatis.neo, the ultimate solution for advanced geostatistical modeling. Import your variograms created with Supervisor, and run precise simulations from your geological solids and drillhole data, and achieve precise uncertainty analyses.

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Studio RM Pro represents just one example of how products within the Datamine Ecosystem work together, and stands as a promise that we will continue to build on interoperability between all of our products into the future.


Secure your spot for this exclusive free webinar! Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how to optimize your mining operations with the latest technologies in geology and geostatistics. Register today to ensure your participation.


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