Minemax Scheduler 7.3 with Configurable Reporting Released

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Minemax is pleased to announce the new release of Minemax Scheduler 7.3 with Configurable Reporting that significantly improves the way mine planners customise their reports, allowing them to perform more sophisticated analysis and be more efficient in the overall reporting process.

According to Joe Kraft, Minemax CEO: “This new development is another step on our journey of making Minemax Scheduler easier to use while maintaining its characteristic flexibility. Minemax Scheduler 7.3 builds upon a robust reporting framework, providing more configurability for mine planners to report and analyze schedule data, both on and offboard, with a variety of new customization features. The result is a manifestation of client feedback and smart development, and we are excited to see how this new functionality will make all mine planners more efficient in communicating optimum mine schedules to their enterprises.”

Watch this below video to find out how you can benefit from the new features introduced in Minemax Scheduler 7.3.

This new release includes the following feature highlights:

New Graphically Rich Charting Functionality

This feature gives users greater control over what schedule data they can view within a chart and how it is presented. For example, users can now combine movement, attribute, attribute ratio, stockpile and financial data all within a single chart and configure how this data is displayed such as bar, line, step line and area series. This new charting functionality is available in both the report dashboards and the report exporting.

New Tabular Report Types

The new Merge Table report optionally combines the Movements, Attributes, Stockpiles, Financials and Constraints tables into a single tabular report, saving users from having to export multiple reports from Minemax Scheduler and merging them externally.

New Report Filtering Capability

The new Report Filtering option gives users greater control over what data is displayed in each tabular report.

Improved Cycle time Calculation Performance

With Minemax Scheduler 7.3, the performance of cycle time calculations has been improved which may dramatically reduce import times for some models.

The new version is now available for all maintained and subscribed users through the Minemax Software Manager (MSM).

For more details on this new release, contact our mining consultants who are always happy to discuss any specific requirements.

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