Reconcilor Users: 9.3 is here

The latest release offers unlimited attributes and tracking of wet and dry tonnes across the entire mine value chain.

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Datamine and Snowden Optiro are excited to announce the newest release of Reconcilor (9.3).

This is a major version update for Reconcilor. It is focused on:

  • Extending the attribute sets for all imports
  • Updating the Continuum and Material Movement screens for extended attributes
  • Wet and dry tonnes on all analysis screens
  • Material types and lithology types to be updated through the user interface
  • Custom comparison available: i.e. Stockpile Delta, Declared Ore Mined

Enhancements to the following are included:

  • Custom calendar
  • Import settings and management
  • Reporting module
  • Performance
  • Stockpile management

Feature Highlights

Extended Attributes

What is it?

Models can store many different attributes like grades, metal, material types, lithology types, classifications, product size to name a few.  Reconcilor now has no limitation to the number of attributes that can be imported and tracked through your mine value chain. 

Who will use it?

Anyone interested in comparing model estimates against actuals in the plant or at a port. 

What can you use it for?

Geologists, Planners and Metallurgists can easily monitor what grades (major and minor) are being fed to the plant to ensure plant optimisation or shipping specifications are met. 

Reconcilor will allow analysis on your full set of grades in all screens across the entire mine value chain.

What problems will it highlight in your data?

The impact of minor grades on the plant recovery and the effect of blending minor attributes in stockpiles.

For any technical support on Reconcilor you can reach us on:

If you have any queries regarding these developments do not hesitate to contact us.

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