Customer success story with First Quantum Minerals

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First Quantum Minerals have been using Discover, one of Datamine’s Exploration Solutions, for many years. FQM is one of the world’s top 10 copper producers, operating across four continents.

“We chose Discover among other solutions because it’s a good software, simple, user friendly, with multi-user integration, and provides feedback into a database, “says Neville Panizza, Data Systems Design & Implementation Manager – Exploration, from FQM.

Discover assists the exploration professional in their daily activities from data conversion, map making to field work, and has versions for MapInfo Pro, ArcGIS Pro and a mobile app. “With Discover Mobile we’ve brought the GIS to the field in a sense, and what we have also been able to do, is create an Enterprise solution around Discover Mobile. We now have outcrop mapping in our database, rather than sitting locally in PCs or geologists’ hard drives, and this is a real benefit for us “, he adds.

Our sophisticated range of products can take your business from assessing ground for prospectivity and acquisition through to drilling and basic resource modelling of your mineral assets. Discover assists the exploration professional in their daily activities from dataconversion, map making to field work, and has versions for MapInfo Pro, ArcGIS Pro, and a mobileapp.

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