Introducing MineScape 2023 – Revolutionizing Mining with Cutting-Edge Technology!

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We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated release of MineScape 2023, our latest mining software release that brings a new era of productivity and efficiency to the industry. Packed with groundbreaking features and two remarkable new products: Rapid Tactical Scheduling and Drone Surveying, this release takes mining operations to unprecedented heights.

Experience the power of out revolutionary Rapid Tactical Scheduler, empowering engineers like never before to maximise their resources in real-time, driving unparalleled levels of productivity. With this groundbreaking scheduling solution, you can effortlessly adapt your mining schedules on the go, leveraging intuitive 3D CAD, Calendar, or Gatt chart interfaces. Furthermore, unleash the full potential of your operations by animating the schedule, gaining valuable insights from an all-encompassing dashboard, and leveraging our new customizable reporting engine.

But that’s not all! MineScape 2023 also introduces Drone Surveying, a new MineScape product that surpasses traditional surveying methods. By harnessing state-of-the-art drone technology, you can effortlessly process drone images and generate detailed point clouds and meshes. Moreover, MineScape offers advanced point cloud editing tools that enable you to efficiently filter, categorize, and extract specific regions, including vegetation, buildings, power lines, poles, and more. As a result, you gain the ability to rapidly model your mining environment, automatically patch in any changes to your topography, and make well-informed decisions at an unprecedented pace.

Whether you are an existing customer or a potential new partner, this release is set to transform the way you mine. Embrace the future of mining with MineScape 2023 and unlock unparalleled success in your operations. Join us on this remarkable journey as we revolutionize the mining industry together!  

What’s New

Within this release, here are the new features.

  • Tactical Scheduler: Integrated short-range scheduler leveraging new design solids for improved visualization, material animation, comprehensive reporting, and Gantt scheduling all within the MineScape environment without the need to export data.
  • Drone Surveying: Comprehensive functionality to generate point clouds from images, classify and extract data, generate DTM’s, easy to use interface to reduce and clean up point clouds, and services to manage and log all drone surveying work.
  • Dashboard: Easy to use, intuitive to build, integrated dashboards within MineScape giving users access to disparate systems for use to generate insight to mine information at the right time, when needed.
Schedule: Screenshot of sequence animation with detailed Gantt chart
Drone Surveying: Point cloud generated from drone images
Dashboard: Information available from multiple data sources.

What problems will MineScape 2023 solve

  • Fill gaps. Minimize multiple systems to complete work.
  • Visualisation and animation of scheduling blocks and material movement.
  • Mininmise exporting of data.
  • Access to point clouds and DTM’s within one environment.
  • Gain insights to data when needed via dashboards.

Curious to learn more about MineScape? Visit the product page here or reach out to the MineScape team by emailing us at

Stay tuned for upcoming MineScape webinars!

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