Datamine Africa Celebrates Good Times!

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2021 marks the year of Datamine’s 40th Anniversary, so Datamine Africa saw it fit to “CELEBRATE GOOD TIMES” with a themed celebration representing each of the 4 decades at our Johannesburg Office in October! 

This event was particularly special as it gave us an opportunity to get together after working from home for quite some time and engage with old and new staff in person.  Aside from small talk over great food and delicious cocktails it was exciting for everyone to partake in some team building exercises – including a Datamine general knowledge quiz – and have the chance to win some prizes.

Datamine understands that 40 years of history was only possible with effective teamwork!  It’s essential for staff to form a firm foundation and work together in building the company and getting it to where it is today.  To commemorate this, we had everyone break into teams and build strong towers using spaghetti, a piece of tape and piece of string and ensure it would be sturdy enough to rest a marshmallow on top. This was to symbolise unity and a continuous growth trajectory Datamine finds itself on to support and prioritise our clients’ needs. 

We also took the time to thank and honour our long-service staff at Datamine Africa who have made valuable contributions to the company for 10 years or more.  Loyalty is a rare find which is why it was important to show appreciation to these dedicated and hardworking Datamine family members. This was followed by inspirational speeches by our Executive General Manager – Africa, Jon Dadswell and our General Manager – Africa, Benny Chisonga. 

Left to right: Johan Kleynhans, Freddy Kapako, Benny Chisonga, Sharlene Dookun, Bruno Abilleira, Megan Scheepers, Mashudu Magadani, Solomon Gumbie, Ellen Woodroffe. Front: Jon Dadswell.

Many have walked these corridors to make Datamine what it is today, and now it is our time; my hope is we all walk a good trail and do our best so that those who come after us also have somewhere to walk!

Benny Chisonga, General Manager Datamine Africa

Our family bond at Datamine Africa allows us to serve our clients with the utmost love and care.  We celebrate you too!  Thank you for walking this journey with us! Here’s to the next 40 years!

See some pictures below from our event: 

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