MineScape 2021 Release Update

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MineScape 2021 Release Update! We have completed our first update to MineScape 2021!

We have developed some cool new features along with the usual software fixes. Our global team have been working around the clock in 6 different time-zones to give you the best software experience possible.

New features include:

  • Support importing 100,000 or more Maptek Vulcan triangulations and creating one efficient compressed multi-mesh file
  • Creating a Surface Mesh can now be re-limited on multiple picked polygons
  • Renaming and rebranding to our new Interactive Bench Blocks option
  • When drawing new elements, you can now show vertices of existing elements as your cursor goes near them
  • The MineScape Help now has quick buttons to go “Back, Forward, and Print”. You’ll see these on every Help page!

So don’t hesitate, update today, and see why we are committed to making MineScape the best mine-planning and design software available.

Want to learn more about MineScape 2021 and have the opportunity to ask questions? Join Jim Sronce, Product Manager for MineScape on the 14th of October 2021 at 12pm AEST, in this webinar sharing the exciting changes we’ve made in our latest release. The webinar will be recorded and provided to all who register.

Curious to learn more about MineScape? Visit the product page here or reach out to the MineScape team by emailing us at support.minescape@dataminesoftware.com

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