Datamine Discover for MapInfo Pro 2022 Released

Discover for MapInfo Pro 2022

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Datamine is excited to announce the newest release of Datamine Discover for MapInfo Pro 2022.

This release addresses a number of issues affecting workflow and improving efficiencies for the user. By including new functionality along with enhancing often-used functions, the user will be more productive with a better user experience.

One of the major enhancements is the ability to create and analyse inclined drillhole sections. This has been a long-time requested feature, which enables the user to view and analyse the drilling data perpendicular or parallel to the strike of feature such as a vein, fault or an ore body. Extensive development went into the incorporation of this feature throughout Discover and Discover 3D.


The ever-popular drillhole compositing tool has added an extra method enabling a composite to ignore blank or null values. This feature has been heavily requested by our user-base, previously a new composite would have been created, not always reflecting the expected results. This new method will give the user much more flexibility.

Interpreted Sections

3D PDF Documents

Finally Discover 3D can create a 3D PDF, this new feature allows all your 3D data to be bundled into a 3D PDF, for your colleagues or manager to easily view and analyse your 3D data.

Drillhole Planner

Planning a drillhole program in 3D use to be clunky and not very user-friendly. Now with the redesigned Drillhole Planner tool you can efficiently create a drillhole program and easily import into a drillhole project.

Discover Mobile


So don’t hesitate, update today, and see why we are committed to making Datamine Discover for MapInfo Pro 2022 the must have tool for the Natural Resources professional. Please contact your local Datamine office to discuss your specific situation with our team.

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