Datamine’s dedicated Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) business unit focused on the specific needs of the mining industry

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The recently established ESG business brings together existing as well as new technologies and services under the leadership of Chris Parry, an experienced mining technology executive with a track record of delivering significant business value to mining enterprises. The establishment of the ESG unit comes at the same time the mining sector is showing an increased interest in managing ESG and its component systems as part of a single scope, led by senior executives. With miners collecting and dealing with ever-increasing quantities of data and looking for ways to leverage it to make data-driven decisions that enhance risk management and increase profitability, integrated software solutions are – now, more than ever – essential in supporting continuous improvement, maintain data fidelity and data integrity across the entire mining value chain.

The new ESG business unit will bring together existing technologies and services within one group, with the unit able to call on current solutions such as:

  • Discover GIS for geochemical, water, erosion and vegetation modelling and management
  • Qmed for workforce health management, COVID testing and vaccine administration
  • MineMarket and Reconcilor for traceability and auditing, giving visibility to chain of custody and governance purposes across the value chain from resource modelling to shipping and sales
  • Centric Mining Intelligence for real-time transparency and governance across multiple sites and systems, including key ESG performance indicator reporting.

The newly established business unit has also seen the recent acquisition of two great solutions that will add significant value to our customers. 

  • Zyght – a leading health, safety and environment solution for high impact industries that specialises in environment, injury and risk management, safe work plans, document management, compliance and reporting.
  • Isystain – cloud-based platform uniquely designed to support Health, Safety & Environment, Sustainability Reporting, Compliance & Governance and Social Investment reporting.  Designed for seamless integration within organisations existing software ecosystems providing powerful analytics and reporting capabilities to streamline the production of sustainability and performance reporting.

The importance of ESG is something that will need to be considered for most, if not every decision in the future and having reliable and available information is essential. Whilst the industry will continue to see investment and innovation that drives operational efficiency and productivity, we will also see strong ESG themes in these emerging technologies to ensure they support both sustainable and socially responsible operations. With the breadth of technology Datamine already has addressing the ESG needs for the mining industry combined with our new technology, or customers can make effective and timely decisions through incorporating ESG data into their planning and scheduling activities to meet customer demands, while staying within the confines of their chosen ESG targets

Chris Parry VP ESG

For more information on Datamine’s ESG Business Unit, please email

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