MineScape 2021 Update 3 – New Release!

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Datamine is excited to announce the newest release of MineScape 2021 with Update 3.

This minor release addresses a number of issues that primarily affects user experience. From improving the user interface forms and adding ease of use functionality, the user will be more productive and have a better user experience.

Feature Highlights

Within this update there are a number of minor enhancements along with fixing some minor definciencies. Following are just a few of the features you’ll find in this release.

  • improved forms that provide a better user experience,
  • an export to LandXML format, an easier, more efficent way to export AutoCAD dxf/dwg files along with accessing a new user interface to rename output layers,
  • an enhanced form to add metadata to imported AutoCAD files,
  • enhanced export option to output reserves and polygons to XPAC,
  • a function to easily create station numbers and slope percentage along a graded element,
  • an export user interface to output data for use in Minemax Tempo,
  • an option to set the default spreadsheet editor, and
  • support for Windows 11.

So don’t hesitate, update today, and see why we are committed to making MineScape the best mine-planning and design software available.

Download the update, view the release video and read the full release notes via the buttons below.

Stay tuned for upcoming MineScape webinars!

Curious to learn more about MineScape? Visit the product page here or reach out to the MineScape team by emailing us at support.minescape@dataminesoftware.com

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