New product alert! – CCLAS EL v3.0.3

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Datamine is excited to announce the newest public release of CCLAS EL v3.0.3!

CCLAS EL is Datamine’s Windows-based LIMS system that allows laboratories to fully automate their processes from sample registration, barcode label printing, work list generation, online data capture from a wide range of analytical instruments/balances and generation of reports and commercial invoices. Our LIMS offers superior quality control functions that monitor operation product materials and quality control reference standards against specifications. CCLAS EL enables high-volume, complex analytical laboratory data to be captured, calculated, and stored with utmost confidence and reported to the client efficiently and on time.

Feature Highlights

More Launch Pad Items

We reduced the size of the icons on the launch pad, so you can see more on a single screen.

Improved Warning on Licence Expiration

As you approach licence expiry date, it evokes a 1 minute wait period. This will prompt users to contact Datamine Support to resolve any licencing issues.

HTML5 Help File

Help file converted from CHM to HTML. This is to resolve any issues from virus scanners blocking the old CHM help file from being displayed.

Resolved Licencing Issue for SQL Server Clusters

When SQL Server cluster fails over to new server, the licence no longer becomes invalid. See release notes for details about specific SQL Server Cluster configuration.

Removed Auto Update on shutdown of Samana

Samana no longer performs auto update of status’s on shutting down the application.

Curious to learn more about CCLAS EL and how it can save time, money and improve your laboratory operations? Visit the product page here or email us at

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