Announcement: Datamine partners with Ordo

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Ordo and Datamine partner to provide a next-generation shift deployment planning for intelligent mining. 

Datamine is pleased to announce a new partnership with Ordo, to provide supervisor-centric software to modernise traditional shift planning processes and facilitate the navigation of complex planning interactions. 

What is Ordo? 

Ordo was developed from the ground up by mining professionals with a passion for planning and execution. With extensive experience in underground metalliferous mining, they have planned, supplied, trained, operated, consulted and managed mining operations throughout Australasia and Africa. 

Built for true customisation of user defined functionality, nomenclature and workflows, the ORDO® solution can support shift planning applications across many industries. The software motivates supervisors to develop improved planning outcomes and engages the workforce through plan visualisation. 

By facilitating efficient planning and reporting, provides real-time feedback and transparency, particularly during the intense periods that occur prior to and at the start of each shift. ORDO® creates valuable time for the supervisor that can be utilised for quality face-to-face contact and engagement with the workforce. 

To read more about Ordo and how they will work with Datamine’s suite of solutions as well as hear some thoughts from Ordo’s Director and Datamine Product Managers on the partnership, click the links below. 

Read the full Press Release here.

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