Consulting Team Member: Chandra Sirigeri

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Meet Chandra – one of our Mining Consultants in the Datamine Perth office who started with the company in April 2020. Chandra has many years of experience in mining which all started from his home country of India. Get to know Chandra a little better in the interview below:

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a Mining Engineer born and brought up in India who moved to Australia in 2011 to experience an entirely new world of mining. Prior to moving, I had worked with various minerals like gold, iron ore and coal in different mining environments such as Underground, Open Pit and Dimension Stone Granites. However, the most special role I worked in was as a Mine Inspector role back in India–I call it special because it enabled me to view mining from an entirely different perspective.

Can you explain some of the challenges you consult to your clients on and how you help them improve?

Well, each consultancy job is different and challenging. The main challenge for a consultant is to understand the result the client expects from us, and how we can best optimise the design or solution. To get there, we need to keep talking to clients or onsite engineers regularly. Once draft results are ready, it is better to share them with the client for any additional further inputs for final output.

What inspired your career in this industry?

What inspired me initially was the number of job opportunities, but later on, as years passed and I worked at new mines with new concepts and did different kinds of planning and optimisation, leading different teams and achieving success has inspired me a lot. Similarly, my current role encourages me to think, “How can we design this particular task in a way that makes it easier and better?” which, for an engineer like myself, is interesting and motivating.

What is the most satisfying aspect of your role / the work you do?

Working with different people, on different projects, for different scenarios and at different mine sites is satisfying, enjoyable and refreshing. But in the end, nothing is more satisfying than our team’s concepts, designs, and works which benefit our clients greatly.

What are your best memories from your career?

When I moved to Australia and went straight to a mine site without knowing how different it would be. Though I was facing challenges like local slang, and differences in cultures and food, there were funny moments as well. With good team members around, those challenges became my best memories.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I want to walk all the places I used to walk during my childhood days.

Interested in working with & discussing mining solutions with Chandra? Contact him directly via LinkedIn or send us an enquiry.

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