Datamine Australia – In Person Events 2021

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Below are some Datamine Events that have occurred throughout 2021 thus far!

Perth Strategic Open Pit Mine Planning Symposium

We hosted the in-person and online Perth Strategic Open Pit Mine Planning Symposium event on 12 March at the Hilton Doubletree Waterfront in Perth to share knowledge and experiences on best practice open pit design. We were pleased to share a range of expert insights on the latest mining technology such as Minemax Scheduler, Studio NPVS and Studio OP to optimize operations in open pit planning to almost 60 in-person attendees and around 280 attendees livestreaming from 54 countries. Through a full day of industry talks, we were able to provide insights on some of the challenges commonly encountered by mine engineers and the solutions employed to ensure positive operational outcomes. It was a great success! 

Perth Underground Operators Conference

It was a privilege to be invited to AusIMM’s flagship Underground Operators Conference in Perth from 15 – 17 March to not only share best underground industry practices, but also contribute to the discussion with other international professionals of the future of underground mining. We were grateful for the opportunity to share our insights on process transformation, innovative mining methods and health and safety to better optimize our clients’ operational outcomes.  

Indonesia MineScape Virtual User Conference 

Datamine Indonesia hosted the annual Indonesia MineScape Virtual User Conference on 17 March where Datamine experts and industry leading MineScape users shared exclusive engineering and geology solutions to best optimize mine plan and pit design. With speakers from PT Adaro Met Coal, PT Alamjaya Bara Pratama, PAMA Persada Nusantara, PT Kideco Jaya Agung and ESDM, we were pleased to share our experiences, challenges and solutions through MineScape to over 300 online attendees. We’re grateful to everyone who attended! 

Perth Resource Geology Symposium

We hosted the in-person and online Perth Resource Geology Symposium event on 21 May at the Hilton Doubletree Waterfront in Perth to share industry knowledge and experiences on resource geology. Through a full day of industry talks, we were able to provide expert insights on navigating some of the challenges commonly encountered by resource geologists to almost 60-in person attendees and 248 online registrations, through the use of Studio RM, Supervisor and Studio RM Pro. We thank everyone who attended both in-person and online.

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