LAB3 and Datamine Partnership Announcement

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Datamine is pleased to announce a new partnership LAB3, and their SensorMine solution, your gateway to a goldmine of real-time data. 

LAB3 empowers organisations to drive greater business value with controlled and scalable technology creating innovative and integrated solutions. Within the mining industry LAB3 offers a solution. SensorMine by LAB3 is the gateway to a goldmine of real-time data, providing an easy-to-implement, low-cost, end-to-end predictive maintenance solution to monitor equipment and access insights 24/7 – helping to make precise, data-backed decisions to keep mine sites running productively.

Datamine will be a reseller of SensorMine through its vast and growing global network. Datamine customers can then have access to the easiest low-cost, end-to-end monitoring solution for mining companies to understand site conditions and asset health. Providing cost-effective long-range battery-powered sensors that can be deployed in days to achieve mine efficiency, reliability, and operational stability, while reducing labour costs and site risk.

Enquire into how SensorMine could benefit your operations here

“This new partnership provides Datamine customers around the world with access to leading sensor based solutions for optimising asset management,” says Dylan Webb, CEO of Datamine. “LAB3‘s SensorMine provides predictive insights and real time monitoring and alerts that give our customers additional ways to manage their risk.”

“Partnering with Datamine means their global network of customers will have access to our innovative solutions for improved risk and asset management,” says LAB3 CEO Chris Cook. “We’re excited to work with the Datamine team on this venture.”

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Want to learn more about SensorMine? Join the team on Wednesday, July 7th for a webinar discussing how this practical solution can further improve your risk and asset management. Register here now.

About LAB3

LAB3 empowers ambitious organisations to drive greater business value, disrupt their industries and grow fearlessly through controlled, automated and scalable cloud technology. Their breadth of capabilities provides their clients with innovative and integrated solutions that are delivered by a partner who can support what they build.

About SensorMine

SensorMine now makes it possible to start monitoring assets in just days to increase their lifespan and avoid downtime. The low-cost long-range battery powered sensors, make predictive maintenance simple. The sensors are installed, collect real-time monitoring from recording data and then visualises and alerts through actionable visual dashboards to effectively reduce labour costs and the impact of downtime events.   Request more information here.

About Datamine

Datamine is the world’s leading provider of technology to seamlessly plan and manage mining operations. With operations in twenty countries, Datamine provides solutions spanning exploration, resource modelling, mine planning, operations, logistics and marketing to over 6,000 companies worldwide. Our implementation, training and advisory services ensure customers receive industry-leading support and leverage full value from their technology investment.

Curious to learn more about LAB3or SensorMine? Request more information here or email us at

Read the full Press Release here

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