New Product Release Alert! PA Explorer

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Datamine is excited to announce the newest release of PA Explorer!

Before we detail the new release and new features, we would like to introduce Beti Slakeska, the product manager of Geophysics. Beti has been at Datamine for one year, but in the industry for more than 15, located at the Perth office. She has a background in Geophysics and loves working with clients to provide solutions to geophysical problems big or small.

Now onto the release!

PA explorer is an interactive geophysical tool for the analysis and processing of data in profile, 2D map and 3D display formats. Many data formats can be analysed including single or multi-channel data from airborne or ground surveys, electro-magnetic (AEM) and potential field gravity or magnetic data.

Feature Highlights

PA Explorer is now a 64-bit application. 

This means it can load much larger files, and process large data sets faster. Tools such as the GM toolkit, 2D and 3D Filtering and Drillhole integration benefit from increased memory allocation.

Upgraded Licensing Management 

PA explorer now runs with user-controlled license management. This allows concurrent and network licensing options and licence usage monitoring. Licenses can be used by multiple users in your organisation.

Read – Write to ERDAS ECW/JP2

Datamine has an ERDAS ECW/JP2 SDK Desktop Read-Write Redistributable SDK License Agreement allowing export to large images to compressed ECW or JPEG2000.

Curious to learn more about PA Explorer and how it provides geophysical data visualisation, interpretation and report production. Visit the product page here or email us at

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