Now Available – Datamine Discover 2021 Update

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Datamine is pleased to announce the latest update to Datamine Discover 2021 (Update 2) 

The Datamine Discover Suite is designed especially for the mining and exploration industry. It provides a seamless suite of tools for compiling, visualising, analysing, and mapping 2D and 3D spatial geoscience data. Built on the highly regarded MapInfo GIS platform, our sophisticated range of products can take you from assessing ground for acquisition through to the drilling and basic resource modelling of your mineral assets. If you’re an explorer, environmental consultant to mine geologist, Datamine Discover will enhance your productivity by leveraging superior tools to complete your day-to-day tasks.

Bundled with Datamine Discover is Discover Mobile a touch friendly mobile mapping and data collection app with an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Enabling efficient field data capture and seamless integration with the Datamine Discover Desktop software. Available on both the Android and iOS platforms.

Feature Highlights  

Shareable Mobile Projects 

New shareable projects enable multiple users to simultaneously collect data from a single project. Project data is validated for any textural or object geometry conflicts. 

Create Shareable Mobile Projects 

Dashboard to view shared project status 

Resolve conflicts through a user-friendly interface 

Mobile Drillhole Projects 

You can now take your Drillhole Project data out into the field, display downhole data and style with thematic interpretations. 

Non Spatial Project Data 

Non spatial data such as assay or drill logs can be added, viewed and modified in a Mobile Project. 

Wi-Fi/ Mobile Hotspot Project Sync 

Save time by Checking-out/Checking-in Mobile Projects by Wi-Fi or Mobile Hotspot. 

MapInfo Pro 2021 

Bundled with Discover 2021 Update 2 is MapInfo Pro 2021, with much-anticipated usability enhancements. 

  • The long-awaited ability to reproject tile servers such as Bing Maps 
  • New temporal time series tool for data analysis and display 
  • Support for numerous GDAL/OGR file formats 
  • New Virtual MRR raster capability 

Note: Installing this version will ensure Bing Maps will continue to operate until 31/12/2022

Curious to learn more about Datamine Discover 2021 and how it can optimise your exploration activities, saving time and money? Visit the product page here or email us at 

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